Up up and, ooo, chicken...

Updated the drupal system that runs this whole website today, bit of an effort simply because of the way I've got it set up and the fact that this isn't my server, I'm only hosted on it. I don't even think there were any changes... What was the point?

Hmm, my drink is empty, that ain't good.

Started to work on the theme a bit more today, was trying out a few things and was going to put one to work, but I got side tracked, and I'm too apathetic right now to care about it... I mean, make any changes.

Oh, one good thing about running the latest version of drupal, I'll now be able to install the image and smilies mods. With the images mod, I'll actually be able to add content to this site. Even if that content is only a few crappy photos that I've taken.

Okay, I'm going to refill my drink now.

Oh, yeah... And ssdd.

Adding Content Requires Having Content

Having a few problems trying to get the boxes on the right to look exactly how I want them too, damn HTML and CSS won't play nicely and let there be a dashed border around things. Tomorrow, I'll see if it wants to play nice and I'll bring back the curvy corners on the boxes to the right, and hopefully have individual news posts looking better.

That's the plan at least.

What the hell will I post about when I'm done making this site look better? It will probably just go back to never being updated for months at a time, much like the old d.v.o. Unless I was to, y'know, actually develop a life or something. Though, I'd rather not update this place like some people update their "blog" as anybody that wants to know that much about my life can bloody-well ask me.

This world has turned into "reality" based everything, from television shows, to reading about people's lives on the Internet. Are people in the world really lacking in their own life that they require a need to watch, read and hear about the life and times of, well... Nobodies?

Of course I write this, as a post on a website that undoubtedly somebody would read, perhaps random, making me a hypocrite. Oh well, if you can't fuck up your own rants, who's can you fuck up?


Them lil' doughnuts

Welp, that's one thing fixed on this site. Them lil' doughnuts are all fixed up and no longer have the bad aliasing. I'd rather the background colour on them be transparent, but that wasn't to be.

Ten whole users floating around here now, that's a big number. So, who's got something to say? I can use all the bytes.

Perhaps a few more design changes will come of this place tomorrow... Make that later today. Nothing big, still working on a site design that I can say I really like. Oh well.


So this is it?

Yeah, this is it. This is what took months of "work" to get in place.

But truth be told, it was complete and utter laziness on my part that kept me from completing the meager thing you see before you. Now that it's public and the masses will flock to it (hah!) I'll do some more things to it to make it more functional.

I've still got to set up the "smilies" mod for drupal (the system that this site works on) and install "image" for my photo gallery. Perhaps I'll even have something to say that I can post here. But lets not say anything we'll regret later.

Clearly the poll needs something a little more... Useful, but when you get nobody voting on such things I wonder if I'll even keep it going. Oh, and you'll have to create an account and log into it if you want to leave comments on any of these stories. And for those of you that had an account on this site before it went public, you'll have to log in again.

More Procrastination

Once again I come here and I find that nothing new has come about. No new information up, and even the theme hasn't been worked on passed a few basic CSS changes and a few Drupal preferences set. Perhaps next week something will happen.

At least I've made a post a week so far, which is good, I guess. Finding something to actually say is pushing it though, so a round up of my day.

Spent a long time trying to tune the new strings on my guitar - Yay new strings! Boo tuning them! Takes me way to long to tune my guitars. I also need to devote time each day to just practicing. I stopped my lessons a few weeks ago so I can save a bit of money, but I need to keep up my practice so I don't start playing like a numetal band.

I found a mod for Drupal called "smileys". It changes your regular emoticon into the standard smile-type image. So I'll be installing that and customising my own emoticons soon enough.

Blah blah blah.


Things get easier one day, right?

2:15 AM here right now, playing Vice City with a friend and I realise that I've still done fuck all about making this site more pastry like. When I'm in the mood to actually do something with this place, something always happens to change my mood.

If it's raining tomorrow, I'll work some more on this place... If it's not, I'm afraid I'm going to be out in the garden tomorrow pruning back some bushes. Power tools, fun. :)

Anyone know how to get those little tiny doughnuts blending better with the background? They really stand out more than they should and it's quite an annoyance.

Get a move on!

Bored right now... Really should start work on making this site better than just a basic text site. More like the last d.v.o. But alas, all in due time.

I've looked at a couple of photo album type solutions that I could run, and decided to use one called "photos". I'll try it out some more, but I feel that this one will be the one that I'll use.


First post!

Yes, I'm trying another content management system. Unlike phpnuke and postnuke, Drupal seems to be just what I'm looking for and not flooded with features that I don't need.

It even has a reasonably easy to use theme system. Relative to the nuke's I previously tried... Those were just overly complicated.

So, here's the first post.