those i know, and those that entertain me

Friends of the Pastry:

  • Alien Weapon - A friend of mine from back on the old Hotline server, he now enjoys travelling, photography and long walks on the... Oh, wait - wrong site for that.
  • Robert Zimmermann - Long time friend who I met back in the ol' Myth days on the and Subnova Hotline Servers.
  • VirtualWolf - Originally offering me space on a real server (no pansy geocities, etc.) with php and mysql access getting me hooked on both fancy things.
  • Harujion - Emigre tells me that the harujion is a daisy-like flower. I'll have to take his word on that. He's also punk the gave me, when my Internet domination is complete you can look back on this, and blame him for starting it.
  • Gary's House of Wack - At the moment this looks more like the colosseum of wack.
  • Rampancy - Run by Narcogen, and home of all things Rampant. Uhm... Actually, it's mostly Bungie Studio's news (y'know, Halo, Myth, that sorta thing).
  • - Mikey's section of the intarweb. Quarantined and sectioned off from everyone else. Enter with breathing apparatus only. Oh, and he write shit good.
  • Robot Wax - Robots need cleaning too, right? Well, this is Orion's site, some great models there, real talented fellow.